Danone prepares ‘plant-based 2.0’ platform

Dive Brief: Danone is making taste and texture improvements to its oat, almond and soy milks as part of a new “plant-based 2.0” platform launching in the second half of the year,…

How Kellogg uses data to drive growth

Smaller packages don’t necessarily seem innovative, but, Chief Growth Officer Monica McGurk explained, it’s more about how the company realized small packages were a good idea. K…

Tracing the sensory story from umami to kokumi

Seems hard to believe, but as recently as 10 years ago, the term “umami” would’ve elicited quizzical looks from all but the culinary cognoscenti. Today, umami is firmly establis…

Understanding and eliminating arc flash

Answer: The No. 1 cause of an arc flash is simple: human interaction with equipment. Even if an asset has been “deenergized” before any type of inspection or maintenance activi…

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