Taste, Smell and Safety

taste smell and safety

Sumary of Taste, Smell and Safety:

  • With Alzheimer , Parkinson , or kidney disease Who regularly and frequently smoke cigarettes Who regularly and frequently drink alcoholic beverages Allergies, colds, and infections Nasal polyps (non-cancerous tumors in your nose or sinus cavities) Head or neck injury or other trauma Neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis Side effects of some antibiotics, blood pressure drugs, and other medications Certain medical treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy Preventing you from overusing sugar, salt, and other potentially harmful flavorings Stimulating your appetite, reminding you to eat and nourish your body Alerting you to rotting or curdled food Signaling hygienic needs and changes that can affect your health Warns you of environmental danger, as with:.
  • gas from an oven smoke from a fire potentially dangerous chemical hazards While our sense of smell performs the critical function of protecting our physical safety, it also plays a starring role in helping to preserve memory..
  • Perfume or cologne Motor oil Pipe tobacco Cinnamon buns can be attached to vivid memories that you carry with you throughout your life, and which can frequently be evoked by a stray whiff of a similar smell years later….

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