Study reveals ‘unexpectedly high’ number of concerning substances in plastic products

study reveals unexpectedly high number of concerning substances in plastic products

Sumary of Study reveals ‘unexpectedly high’ number of concerning substances in plastic products:

  • A team of ETH researchers claims to have for the first time compiled a comprehensive database of plastic monomers, additives and processing aids for use in the production and processing of plastics on the world market, and systematically categorized them on the basis of usage patterns and hazard potential.
  • Of the 10,500 substances identified, the researchers categorized 2,480 substances (24%) as substances of potential concern.
  • Amoung food-contact applications, 679 are substances of potential concern.
  • Of of the 679 substances of potential concern amoung food-contact applications, the study revelealed there are:528 high-production volume chemicals, 434 not regulated chemicals, and 52 chemicals without any scientific references.
  • )”This means that almost a quarter of all the chemicals used in plastic are either highly stable, accumulate in organisms or are toxic.
  • Surprisingly, despite having highly problematic hazardous properties, 901 substances of concern also appear on the regulatory positive lists for use in food-contact plastics, the study claimed, with 225 of these approved in the EU.In total, 53% of all the substances of potential concern are not regulated in the US, the EU or Japan.
  • Also surprisingly, about 350 substances of potential concern appear on both negative (e.
  • ​Finally, scientific studies are lacking for about 10% of the identified substances of potential concern.

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