Snacking and stress: Better choices for better cognitive performance

snacking and stress better choices for better cognitive performance

Sumary of Snacking and stress: Better choices for better cognitive performance:

  • In fact, the 2020 Global Consumer Snacking Trends Study from Mondelez and The Harris Poll found that 88% of adults snacked more or the same as before the pandemic, with more than 66% citing the activity as “one of the few sources of reward and satisfaction in my day,”.
  • The reason seems pretty clear to Emma Dunstone-Brown, Strategic Ventures Manager at Fonterra, the parent company of the business-to-business dairy-ingredient brand NZMP, given the link between snacking and stress, which seem to be rising in tandem..
  • When conducting social listening around stress and mood, her team found stress-related conversations accounted for 1.7 million posts in the second half of 2020, representing a 41% increase from the prior year..
  • Instead, there is stronger interest in functional foods and beverages to address mental wellness, which includes brain cognition/mental acuity, stress and anxiety, and mood enhancement..
  • While products linked to better digestion and immunity are common, this trend toward a focus on mental well-being is just emerging, representing a huge opportunity to first-mover brands..
  • Several clinical studies have found that regular consumption delivers benefits for stress management, including the ability to maintain positive and focused under stress..
  • Marrying consumer preferences for sensory issues, wellness benefits and care for the environment The mild taste of NZMP’s milk phospholipids is key, given the importance of achieving the right sensory profile..
  • The importance of taste means brands may need to rethink their traditional formats to maintain the key elements consumers love, while enhancing the nutritional profile to make them more permissible for those who also strive to feel good about what they eat…

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