Do Europeans trust the food system?

Trust in the food sector​Compared to EIT Food’s 2018 report, consumer trust in all parts of the food sector has increased, along with their confidence in food products, by betw…

Danone’s Silk launches plant-based Greek yogurt

Just over a decade ago, Greek yogurt revolutionized the category. The thick, creamy, protein-rich style went from being viewed as an exotic take on yogurt to being the standard in …

Valeo swoops in to bag UK meat snacks giant

NWFE has expanded rapidly through acquisition in recent years – snapping up Meatsnacks Group in 2018 – and today is one of the leaders in the UK jerky and biltong segment, with…

Second egg assurance system backed in UK

People who have a severely weakened immune system and are on a medically supervised diet set by health professionals should still cook all eggs thoroughly. It affected 18 countries…

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