Outbreaks down but recalls up for Belgium in 2020

outbreaks down but recalls up for belgium in 2020

Sumary of Outbreaks down but recalls up for Belgium in 2020:

  • More than 330 outbreaks affected more than 1,200 people in Belgium in 2020, according to the food agency’s annual report.
  • The 333 outbreaks sickened 1,262 people with 27 needing hospital treatment.
  • Two elderly people died, one due to Salmonella and the other Shiga toxin-producing E.
  • Outbreaks were down from 571 in 2019 with 2,457 people sick and 28 hospitalized.
  • Causes of outbreaksThe agent responsible was unknown for 317 outbreaks.
  • Campylobacter caused three with 10 people sick and STEC three with 17 sick and 14 hospitalized, according to data from Sciensano, the Belgian Scientific Institute of Public Health.
  • Bacillus cereus was behind two events with 20 ill, histamine two with 12 affected and Salmonella two with 11 ill and six needing hospital treatment after eating meat and pork products.
  • One norovirus outbreak sickened 151 people linked to vegetables;

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