Oregon county investigating an E. coli outbreak of unknown origin

Sumary of Oregon county investigating an E. coli outbreak of unknown origin:

  • Multiple local media outlets in the Medford, OR, area are reporting that Jackson County is dealing with an E.
  • Fifteen people across Jackson County have been infected with E.
  • Jackson County Public Health officials told NewsWatch 12 that the hospitalizations include several children.
  • County officials did not respond to requests from Food Safety News for information.
  • “We need citizens to be aware that serious diarrhea or bloody diarrhea should be reported to their health care provider.
  • ” Jackson County Public Health investigators are trying to determine the source of the E.
  • Officials have told numerous news outlets that they believe the outbreak to be localized in the county.
  • coli infections develop a potentially life-threatening kidney failure complication, known as a hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS).

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