How Perdue and Mercy For Animals found common ground

how perdue and mercy for animals found common ground

Sumary of How Perdue and Mercy For Animals found common ground:

  • The following is a guest post from Mark McKay, president of Perdue Premium Poultry and Meats, and Leah Garcés, president of Mercy For Animals..
  • If you had told us years ago that we would be writing this together –– a president of one of the largest chicken companies and the president of one of the largest animal rights groups –– we would have been incredulous..
  • In 2015, Mercy For Animals released an undercover video of a Perdue chicken farm showing abuse by contract workers..
  • Perdue knew that what the video had shown represented not only an opportunity but also a responsibility to animals, customers, and consumers to uphold the company standards..
  • Here was Perdue thanking the organization for the investigation that had exposed animal handling contrary to the company standards — and promptly acting to remedy it..
  • Perdue also invited Mercy For Animals, along with other animal advocacy organizations, to a discussion about continual improvement to animal-raising practices..
  • Just months after the investigation release, Perdue, with praise from Mercy For Animals, the Humane Society of the United States, and Compassion in World Farming, committed to the most comprehensive animal welfare policy of any U.S..
  • Perdue didn’t claim to be perfect but charted a path toward industry leadership and continual improvement in animal welfare….

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