Experts present on the food safety concerns of plant-based ‘meats’ at IAFP

experts present on the food safety concerns of plant based meats at iafp

Sumary of Experts present on the food safety concerns of plant-based ‘meats’ at IAFP:

  • PHOENIX — If there was one thing to take away from Tuesday’s session on the food safety concerns of plant-based ‘meat,” it’s that it’s not meat and can’t be approached in exactly the same way.
  • The session “Novel Foods, Novel Challenges: Food Safety Concerns in Plant-based, Cell-Cultured, and ‘Clean Label’ Products” at the IAFP 2021 conference here featured presentations on how companies need to approach food safety concerns when it comes to novel foods, particularly plant-based meat substitutes.
  • Rasmussen, head of Food Safety and Scientific and Regulatory Affairs (North America) at The Kraft Heinz Co., talked about the unique challenges presented by these novel plant-based, cell culture and clean label foods.
  • Things that must be considered: New hazards New allergens: For example, pea protein connections with peanut allergens Contaminants: The toxicology of repeated consumption of new proteins Biological hazards: Controls beyond supply chain?
  • Santiago-Connolly is able to speak with unique authority on the issue as MorningStar Farms, a division of Kellogg Company, has been leading innovation in plant-based meat substitutes for decades.
  • She also said that in her experience with MorningStar Farms, plant-based protein is a unique challenge.
  • Consumers will treat plant-based protein like meat, but, “it’s not the same, look at the ingredients.

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