EU audit in Romania shows gaps remain despite progress with food safety

eu audit in romania shows gaps remain despite progress with food safety

Sumary of EU audit in Romania shows gaps remain despite progress with food safety:

  • It evaluated the system of official controls to prevent microbiological contamination in food of non-animal origin (FNAO) before, during and after harvest..
  • Focus on primary producersRomanian legislation excludes primary producers supplying small quantities of FNAO vegetable products from official controls but this is not based on EU rules..
  • DG Sante found the control system is weakened as information available on most primary producers is insufficient to take into account higher risks of microbiological contamination of certain produce..
  • This is coupled with the fact that inspections on FNAO microbiological risks do not cover the pre-harvest and harvest stages of the majority of producers..
  • These gaps affect the system capability to identify non-compliance and to enforce corrective actions in the largest group of producers, according to the audit..
  • Romanian officials said a draft act proposes controls of primary production at the pre-harvest, harvesting and post-harvest stages and the exclusion of small vegetable producers will be removed..
  • Systems used for primary producers until the end of 2020 were judged by auditors as not suitable for planning official controls on a risk-basis and with the frequency set in EU regulation..
  • Listeria lapsesThe audit found the supervision system was not able to identify non-compliances with EU legislation for seeds in sprout-producing sites and Listeria environmental sampling….

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