A Better Understanding of NFPA 70E: Job Safety Planning and Job Briefing

a better understanding of nfpa 70e job safety planning and job briefing

Sumary of A Better Understanding of NFPA 70E: Job Safety Planning and Job Briefing:

  • What if it is a multistory printing press that has several problems every day?
  • The primary method of protecting an employee from electrical hazards must be establishing an electrically safe work condition.
  • Any exposure must be properly justified regardless of its nature.
  • Documented procedures are necessary whether it is troubleshooting that exposes an employee to hazards or justified energized work that does.
  • There are exclusions to requiring an energized work permit but that does not remove the need for a planning and briefing.
  • A safety procedure and energized work permit could be written for that specific repetitive task.
  • An energized work permit may not be required if the task is limited to troubleshooting.
  • The job planning section does not address the energized work permit, but the permit could be used to gather the necessary information.

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