How to Get a Job in the Safety Field

how to get a job in the safety field

Sumary of How to Get a Job in the Safety Field:

  • By this time, I had friends who graduated with a safety management degree from the same school I was attending..
  • From these friends, I heard more about the opportunities that were available for those who had education or training in the safety field..
  • I got my first degree in criminal justice and decided to stay in school while working full-time to get a second degree in safety management from Slippery Rock University..
  • While I don’t know if it is my exact calling for the rest of my life, I am very glad that I bit the bullet and stayed in school to get the safety degree..
  • Full credit to Safety+Health Benefit #2 Options There are so many different types of opportunities in the safety field..
  • You can do anything from abuse prevention training in elderly care homes to being a safety specialist for nuclear plant construction projects..
  • I started out as a safety officer for an environmental construction company, and now I am a senior loss prevention specialist for an insurance company that insures transportation companies..
  • While technical know-how is important in specific industries, the baseline safety experience that you gain can be leveraged into many different roles throughout your career….

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