6 Tips to Reduce Stress and Encourage Wellness for Kids

6 tips to reduce stress and encourage wellness for kids scaled

As we have frequently discussed on this blog and via social media, we’re living in troubling times. Last week, we talked broadly about National Wellness Month. Today, let’s focus on the most innocent among us who may be finding themselves feeling lost, confused and alone during today’s challenging times. It’s time to discuss stress management and wellness for kids. 

6 Tips to Manage Stress and Wellness for Kids 

1: Keep Calm and Carry On 

Above all, it is crucial for parents to be the voice of reason in a child’s life. Kids experience anxiety just as much as adults. Far too often, the emotional pain is ignored by their otherwise caring adults.

Kids listen and absorb everything. If you are feeling of lot of stress it’s quite likely that your child is experiencing anxiety as well. Parents who are working from home need to remember that openly discussing upsetting news can impact children. When it comes to wellness for kids, it pays to keep the adult stuff away from their ears. Treat the kids with respect, but remember to be their support system…

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